Wijk aan Zee, NL – Mar’ 2014

Wijk aan Zee, NL – Mar’ 2014

A couple of weeks before going to the hotel Zeeduin in Wijk aan Zee, I have visited another Fletcher hotel (me at Badhotel) in Callantsoog and what I have learnt from my previous experience was that Fletcher hotels do have gluten free products when needed. This time, as well, I have sent an email and made sure that I informed the hotel about my gluten free diet.

Breakfast was, however, a bit disappointing because I got spoiled by all the kind people in hotels and restaurants who usually prepare for me a basket with different types of breads, rolls and muesli. This time, I was served only two slices of a gluten free bread.

Breakfast basket

  • Two slices of gluten free bread

Dinner in the Zeeduin hotel restaurant, on the other hand, was delicious and from the menu of the day I could choose anything. They would use gluten free ingredients or offer alternatives. The latter is very common when dinning out and having celiac disease.

My dinner

  • Tomato soup
  • Codfish with baked potatoes and poached vegetables
  • Freshly made sorbet – four different tastes (amazing!)



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