Callantsoog, NL – Feb’ 2014

Callantsoog, NL – Feb’ 2014

‘Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on a beach’.

Callantsoog – Fletcher Hotel,  Badhotel 

Why Fletcher hotel? Because we (my fiancé and myself) can travel with our chocolate Labrador and she definitely loves hotels! As always, I emailed the hotel before our arrival and asked if they could prepare gluten free meals for me. I did not have to wait long for their response. They had no problem with my diet restrictions.

Breakfast at Badhotel

I got a special basket with gluten free breads:

  • Ciabatta’s
  • Two different types of rolls
  • Slices of white bread
  • Slices of brown bread
  • Sweet bread with raisins
  • Take away plastic bag

My choices from the breakfast buffet are described in a previous post.

Dinner at Badhotel

I could choose from the ‘special’ menu whatever I wanted to eat and they offered to use gluten-free ingredients or otherwise offer alternatives. I had a wonderful meal.

  • Delicious, freshly prepared tomato-basil soup (instead of a soup of the day)
  • Fried fish with baked potatoes and string beans (in Dutch ‘snijbonen’) (fish was fried without flour)
  • Sorbet cake with strawberry sauce (instead of a chocolate cake)

More possibilities to dine in Callantsoog – you find here!


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