Dutch Celiac Association: Nederlandse Coeliakie Vereniging

Gluten content/contamination in processed foods:

Traveling gluten free:

  • Gluten free holidays in Landal GreenParks – here
  • Presentation about traveling gluten free (e.g. Malta, Norway, Spain) here
  • Gluten free hotels and restaurants/cafe’s in Poland here (If you have questions, I am happy to help!)
  • Country guides here
  • Gluten free restaurant Lombardia in Antwerp (Belgium) (video)
  • Gluten free restaurant in Paris (here)
  • Restaurants that serve gluten free food (NL & more) – Livaad & here
  • ‘Find me gluten free’ restaurants search engine (worldwide)  here
  • Gluten-free business spotting (worldwide) here
  • Gluten free shops, restaurants and hotels (NL & more)-
  • Gluten free in Amsterdam (here)
  • Gluten free bakaries/cafes in The Netherlands (here) (in Dutch)
  • Gluten free travel (e.g. London, New York, Amsterdam) (here
  • Gluten free in UK – Gluugle (I think only UK so far)  (here)
  • More gluten free travel stories – worldwide (1-link2-link3-link4-link5-link, 6-link)
  • Gluten free ‘day out‘ in The Netherlands (in Dutch)
  • Blog about gluten free in Spain (various places) here
  • Gluten free Spain tips

Who is cooking & baking gluten free:

Recommended video’s:

  • Being diagnosed by Sema Dibooglu – here
  • Gluten and autoimmunity explained in 20 min here
  • About immune system – here
  • About endocrine system by CrashCourse
  • About nervous system  – here
  • To all Hashimoto’s Partners out there – here
  • About thyroid problems – here
  • Gluten related autoimmune disorders by Dr Alessio Fasano- here
  • Where does the ‘brain fog’ come from? here
  • What is gluten and how strong these proteins are here

These are the tips I have for you. Do you have tips for me too?