10 Glutenfree Tips on How To Stay Prepared For Unexpected Situations

10 Glutenfree Tips on How To Stay Prepared For Unexpected Situations

Time management and planning are the key skills to live gluten free successfully. But even then life does not always follow our plans. We can’t predict unexpected situations. Last moment phone call, a prolonged meeting, a deadline we forgot about – all of that happens – if you are a Celiac or not.

What would (gluten free) Rick want to have when he woke up in an abandoned hospital and realized that he is not in his safe gluten free zone (home) and all shops are closed? A Nakd ! That’s right :D He would like to have backup food!

It really helps to be prepared and always have a backup plan. That is why I want to share my tips on:

How to stay prepared for unexpected

1. Research gluten free restaurants and cafés in cities (countries) where you, your friends and your family live. This way, if someone spontaneously suggests ‘Let’s go out for a dinner’ or ‘Let’s grab a coffee’, you will know a place where you can eat safe. A spontaneous idea seems much less scary then, right?

Best Amsterdam Restaurants With Gluten-Free Options
Gluten free options in Gelderland

2. If you enjoy having an occasional drink and like spending time in pubs – make a list of alcoholic drinks that you are allowed to have. As long as you don’t plan to eat – you can have a drink just about anywhere (assuming that you tolerate alcohol).

Gluten free alcohol list

3. Always carry snacks in your bag. They are very useful; for example when your colleagues choose the coffee room (with no GF options). My advice: big cup of coffee and your favorite (raw) chocolate bar (mmmm lovechock).


4. Stock your freezer with muffins and/or a cake! When dining out or visiting friends you will be offered ice-cream and fruits (most of the time). Now, you can take a muffin with you (e.g. to a birthday party) and this way enjoy some kind of baked goody too. Unless you are fine with ice cream and fruits.


5. Have an extra package of GF crackers at home. The next time you won’t have time (or forget) to bake/buy GF bread or boil your vegetables/grains (if you don’t eat bread) – you can snack on crackers.

6. Learn which processed foods are gluten free. The next time you are away from home and hungry, or you are too busy to cook from scratch – get to the nearest supermarket and purchase what you can eat (hummus, GF crackers and snack vegetables you guys saved me so many times!)


7. Stay hydrated and carry a bottle with mineral water. We often confuse hunger with feeling thirsty and we do function better when being well hydrated.

8. Keep a list of GF hotels (holiday resorts) that you occasionally hear about. When you don’t have time or will to research on your own, you can always choose one of the recommended destinations to enjoy worry- and gluten- free holidays.

9. Make sure that your fridge (and freezer) is always stocked up with food. Even better – plan your meals (check my post) for the entire week ahead and make sure to have all necessary ingredients in stock.

10glutenfreetips (2)

10. Keep 1 or 2 ready meals in your freezer. When something comes up and you come back home really late and hungry or you are feeling bad, you can open your freezer, take that frozen lasagna you made last weekend (or the left overs) and warm it up. You will have a satisfying meal within no time!

With these tips you are prepared and ready for everything! ;-)


Kati xxx


  • Thank you Mirjam :) For gluten free restaurants (the 1st tip) I like to check your lists on Pinterest (For people who don’t know it: )

    • Thank you Emmelou ;-) I believe it happens to all of us in some point that we walk around hungry because there is nothing safe to eat for us.

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