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Gluten Free Birthday Cake from (also known as is a bakery that makes, among other, gluten free cakes, gluten free breads (view assortment) and gluten free pastry (view assortment). I ordered a gluten and dairy free cake to celebrate my partner’s birthday.  It was a cake for 10-12 persons with a filling made of chocolate mousse. It was amazing. The dairy free chocolate  mousse turned out beyond our expectations.

Birthday cakes from Specialetaarten can be ordered online here. Once you choose a style and a size of a cake, you will have to fill in a short questionnaire. This smart system allows you to choose taste, allergens to avoid, type of filling, color, decorations etc. It is very easy and I must admit – convenient. It leaves no room for misunderstandings. You can have the cake delivered to you (extra costs) or pick it up in one of the shops (Almere, Heemskerk, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn). I live in Arnhem so I went to The Free From Shop in Apeldoorn to get my cake. If you are interested in my review of that shop you can read it here.

The baker Joop Siervogel is very famous for his work.

28824caThis is the cake I ordered


GFcakeEverybody just loved this cake! Our guests couldn’t believe it was gluten free.

If you want to order a gluten free cake for a special occasion I recommend Specialetaarten. Another equally good option is Gebaksjuwelier (my review of the bakery is here). At Gebaksjuwelier only gluten free products are made so there is no chances of gluten contamination. At Specialetaarten, although they do bake conventional products, they take measures to prevent contamination.

An update: A gluten free birthday cake can be order as well at Zoete Bakselz. I didn’t order anything yet but I just found out that it is possible. Also, The Welsh Bakestone in Den Haag makes gluten free cakes if you order it 2 weeks ahead.


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