7 Reasons To Follow #Coeliakiemaand

7 Reasons To Follow #Coeliakiemaand


May is the Celiac Disease Awareness Month

lintjefacebookFor the first time in The Netherlands, May is announced the Celiac Disease Awareness Month. Why? Because celiac patients from the US lead a similar campaign every year and it proved to help many people to get diagnosed. Celiac is a ‘mean’ autoimmune condition which expresses itself with 300 different symptoms. Gastrointestinal symptoms are not always there. It is estimated that 135.ooo people have celiac disease and don’t know about it. Perhaps their condition is silent or they don’t realize that their chronic migraines can lead to infertility or colon cancer.

The initiator of the campaign is Elize Vis, a blogger behind Stories of a Coeliac. The pictures used in this post are designed by Emmelou Green from Bakers and Fakers, a contributor to the coeliakiemaand campaign.

Celiac disease is a serious matter but nothing should take away the smiles from our faces. To cheer up a bit

7 reasons to follow #coeliakiemaand

1. To support this excellent initiative of bloggers who care to increase awareness and help others to get diagnosed


2. To spread awareness and help your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors to get diagnosed. 1 in 100 persons has celiac disease! SHARING IS CARING.


3. To benefit from discounts and win-actions organized as part of this campaign


4. To get free samples of gluten free products which you haven’t tried so far (Always good to check if it is worth its price, right?)


5. To buy unique gadgets with gluten free slogans – for yourself or as a present for your daughter/son/mum/father/sister/friends with celiac disease. Click on the picture below to order. (The gadgets are limited edition so it might be a special gift. They are sold without profit)


6. For entertainment during a geeky coffee pause behind your PC ;-)HQymg5d

7. Get to know new people and their stories, bloggers and blogs you might not know yet


Go to Coeliakiemaand.nl and check what is new!

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