Magazine ‘Glutenvrij’

Magazine ‘Glutenvrij’


About two weeks ago I spotted in Bruna a magazine ‘Glutenvrij’. There was another edition (also with only gluten free recipes) a couple of months ago but I didn’t buy it back then. It is for sale here though.

This time, I had to give it a chance.

I paid E 5, 95,- for 95 recipes.


The magazine has a nice graphical index with mini photos of each recipe. You will find there following recipes

  • Different types of gluten free dough (Filo, Savory, Pasta, Puff pastry)
  • Sauces (Bechamel, Mayonnaise)
  • Breads (6 different recipes)
  • Snacks (17 recipes)
  • Vegetarian dishes (16 recipes)
  • Fish dishes (13 recipes)
  • Meat dishes (13 recipes)
  • Sweets (24 recipes)


Next to recipes, you can find there a couple of handy tips and 2 pages of basic instructions on using gluten free ingredients (substitutes, binding ingredients etc.)


The recipes below I like most

Vegetable dips


 Stuffed chicken breast





Carrot gratin with sunflower seeds



If you can’t eat dairy then the recipes are little less valuable as most of them call for milk or fresh cream (creme fraiche). You can always replace dairy ingredients with soy/rice/coconut products but then a couple of modification is usually needed. In principle not a problem but there are better recipe magazines/books for you then.

Also, if you prefer more unconventional recipes and you follow an overall anti-inflammatory diet – this is not a magazine for you.

Despite above, it is a great magazine, full of beautiful pictures with many recipes. There are easy recipes which are doable within 30 minutes and more challenging ones that require a bit more time and perhaps some skills. Not that it should stop anyone from trying.

I bought my copy in Bruna but the magazine is available on the internet as well. For example here.

AN UPDATE: In May 2015 (Celiac Awarness Month) you can order online both Glutenvrij magazines with a discount of 10%. All you need to do to get the discount is follow the link in the end of this post on website.


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