I would like to start a cooperation with companies interested in kindly donating gluten free baking ingredients. I would love to expand my experiments in the kitchen but the ingredients are very expensive. Your support would mean a lot to me. There is also space on my blog for reviews of gluten free food products, kitchen utilities, books, ecological house hold accessories and Horeca offering gluten free services.

Both, short term and long term, sponsoring would be kindly welcomed. All support obtained would be used to improve this blog and not for my personal gain. I do have a job ;-). Other forms of advertisement, for instance in form of banners, are also possible.

I would like to be able to test the quality of your product(s)/services and like it before I decide to use it and recommend it to the readers of my blog. I would be glad to meet you and get introduced to your products/services. Don’t hesitate to send me samples to test. Perhaps, I am already liking and using your products, ask me! During a face to face meeting, conditions of our cooperation would be discussed.

If your are interested in supporting this blog, please contact me by sending an email to kasia[at]

Always glad to hear from you.