Gluten Free in Bagels & Beans in Arnhem

Gluten Free in Bagels & Beans in Arnhem


Last Thursday, I went to the center of Arnhem to find Christmas gifts for my parents. I found gifts and I bumped into Bagels & Beans (B&B Arnhem). I knew the brand quite well from reading stories on other blogs. Excited, I decided to check if they had gluten free bagels.


First, I asked if they had gluten free bagels as well. The girl working there seemed very confident and quickly replied that yes of course they have. I was already giggling and jumping inside!

She said also that they are taking care of gluten contamination. She asked if I was intolerant. I said that I had coeliac disease and she recognized the term. Now we were talking!

It wasn’t really a right time for lunch or dinner or even a snack so I took 4 bagels with me to enjoy them at home. I chose the frozen bagels as I thought that the less it was moved around the less chances of contamination. I paid 6 euro for 4 gluten free bagels. It is a good deal as far as I’m concerned.


My bagels were unfreezing for the entire night. They were fine in the morning, perhaps just a little bit too hard. I cut one half and placed it in the hot oven. It still felt a bit hard after but it was nicely warm. It had a nice sweet flavor. On the package there was no label and I forgot to ask about ingredients. Something to do the next time. In my opinion, they are made of soy flour or/and with lupine flour addition. There are sweet types of lupine and their flours are quite yellow (just as was my bagel inside) due to the high content of beta-carotene.

bagels and beans

I didn’t take pictures of my dressed bagel. I ate it with a tiny bit of mayo, smoked salmon and sauerkraut. (The latter I eat 3 x per day to rebuild the micro flora in my guts. It seems to have a really good effect on me).

To conclude, the bagel had a very good taste. The texture was good as well even though they were frozen before. I blame my poor ‘handling bagels’ skills for the bagel to be hard. I am giving it another go. But the next time I let the girls in Bagels & Beans prepare it. Only then I will judge if it is still hard or not.

In the past I was always having my lunch in Manu (my review) once I was in the city (Arnhem). Now, I can add Bagels & Beans to the list of safe places to dine in Arnhem. Happy  :-)


Bagels & Beans

Koningstraat 69 
T. 026-3701445

  • Monday 12:00-17:30
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9:30-17:30
  • Saturday 10:00-17:30
  • Sunday 11:00-16:00




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