Arnhem, NL – Restaurant ‘Manu’ (Mar’ 2014)

Arnhem, NL – Restaurant ‘Manu’ (Mar’ 2014)

My favorite restaurant in Arnhem is ‘Manu’ (Wielakkerstraat 40, Arnhem)

Why ‘Manu’?

  • Gluten free, lactose free meals
  • Diet suitable menu card
  • Organic ingredients (like meat and vegetable)
  • Fair trade ingredients
  • Homemade cakes and cookies
  • Fresh, seasonal foods
  • Fair prices
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cozy and warm atmosphere
  • Display of different pieces of art from local artists
  • Friendly staff

Manu is a paradise for people with celiac disease and/or other food allergies. Not only you do not need to explain what you can/cannot eat and how to prepare your meal avoiding the gluten contamination, the food served is of top quality. The ingredients used are fresh and from organic sources, protecting your digestion system from unwanted food additives and pesticides.

The menu is available online. Apart of the standard menu, there is always some new seasonal dish you can choose.

Recently, I ordered the chicken with green pesto, ham, brie and tomatoes (pic 1), which surely was a delight for my palate. I highly recommend the ‘Proeverij’ as a pre-dish (pic 2, pic 3, pic 4). This way, you can enjoy more than one pre-dish since all of them are really delicious. My fiancé, who has no diet restrictions, really likes the ‘Kogelbiefstuk’ with gorgonzola sauce (pic 5). ‘Manu’ is definitely my favorite restaurant in Arnhem and its neighborhood and I cannot wait to go back there for a piece (or two) of the tasty carrot cake.

Pictures 1-5

The only objection that I have is the need to reserve a table beforehand. I have heard multiple times ‘Sorry, we are fully booked’.

* The above review is based on my personal perception. I wrote it out of my free will and have no profit of it. 


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