Salad from Boiled Vegetables

Salad from Boiled Vegetables


If we went for a party to my aunt or we celebrated Christmas at my grandparents’ house – the vegetable salad with mayonnaise was always there. IMG_0792No matter what occasion to celebrate was it. It is our traditional food :D

I made this vegetable salad last Easter. It is delicious and filling. You can eat it at breakfast, for lunch and even with a dinner. It is gluten and dairy free. Remember that not all mayonnaise is gluten free, check the label (I used Delaan Belgian mayonnaise which is free from preservatives and color agents). Yumm!



  • Carrots – 3
  • Potatoes – 4
  • Eggs – 5
  • Green Peas – one  tin/jar (about 250 ml)
  • Corn – one tin/jar (about 250 ml)
  • Leek – 1 big or 2 small
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Mayonnaise – 1 big spoon
  • Optional: Fermented/Pickled cucumbers – 4
  • Optional: ham

Preparation steps

  • Boil carrots and potatoes together (don’t let them become too soft; they need to keep their shape when you cut them in small blocks);
  • Boil eggs and let them cool;
  • Cut leek in small rings; wash and blanch it with boiled water; let it stay in hot water till it is cold-ish;
  • Open jars/tins with corn and peas and drain well;
  • Optional: cut cucumber and ham in small blocks;
  • Add spices and a big spoon of mayonnaise and mix everything;
  • Serve cooled.


Try it out, it is really nice.


Cheers from Arnhem!

Kati xxx


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