Rees, DE – Supermarket Real (June’ 2014)

Rees, DE – Supermarket Real (June’ 2014)

On Saturday morning, I drove together with my partner to Rees in Germany to do our weekly shopping in the supermarket – Real. On the way from Arnhem to Rees we passed two other towns: Emmerich and Kleve. We go there from time to time to do our shopping as well.

  • Arnhem – Emmerich (32km)
  • Arnhem – Kleve (40km)
  • Arnhem – Rees (50km)

Real (Grüttweg 42, 46459 Rees, Germany)

Why we shop in Germany

  • It is cheaper than in NL
  • Bigger choice of products (e.g. endless types of meats, thousands different brands)
  • New gluten free brands/product
  • A big choice of lactose free dairy products
  • The biological vegetables (and other bio foods) are cheaper there
  • German vegetables are famous for containing less pesticides
  • It is fun like a mini road-trip
  • Our car is very efficient so the travel does not cost us much

The first thing I acknowledged – LACTOSE FREE & GLUTEN FREE SIGNS!


The second thing I acknowledged – THE ALLERGY-FRIENDLY SHELVES ARE FULL!

The third thing I acknowledged – THINGS ARE SO CHEAP!

What I bought

..also some cheap kitchen utilities

  • Waffle maker (39.99,-)
  • Toaster (9.99,-)
  • Brush (0.99,-)
  • Cream piping bags (1.00,-)

Definitely recommended !



  1. Just wanted to share my opinion about Real as i am too a huge fan of hypermarkets in Germany. We live in The Hague and is very far for us to go to Germany for a weekly shoping which I would absolutely love to do so i am praying that one day we would get branches of Kaufland here :) Since my brother lives in Germany I have been in both Real and Kaufland and while Real has better choice than any supermarket in Holland, still it is much less and not as cheap as in Kaufland. We went to Real in Rees last Saturday and i was quite dissapointed as not onl;y i could not find things I bought a month earlier in Kaufland in Kleve but also the prices for the products we were looking for were same as in NL?! We bought 5 bottles of wine, few canned foods and packs of tea, 2 kg of apples and 1 kg kiwi, few things for baking and some other small things…paid 70 eur – a price which you would pay in AH here in Holland. I nearly ” cried” from disappointment as i was really looking forward to spending few good hours in a huge shop with lots of choice . And we drove all the way from The Hague ( 1,40 hrs) ! We went outside, dropped one lousy bag in to the car..and went to Kaufland in Kleve ( took us 20 min from Rees) :D Not gonna list here all tings we bought as is quite big ( 4 big firm bags from lidl ) but it was not only food , drinks , bakings stf, lots of fruit tea ( which i didnt find in Real), 5 big bottles of clothes softener, washing detergent and few cleaning ones, several deodorants and douche gels… Yes we paid 170 eur ( we were doing shopping for a month ) but im sure we would pay much more in Real and even more in AH ;) So I guess my preference is quite obvious : go Kauflad :D

  • Hi Veronica, Thank you for your tip. I haven’t been in Kaufland so far but after your remark I see that I really need to go there =) Especially, if the prices are even lower there! In Real I really like to purchase fresh meat. It is not packed in any plastic nonsense and it is seriously fresh. Such meat in The Netherlands is available only at butcher – where it costs even more than in AH :(.

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