Healthy ‘Breakfast Pap’ (also AIP)

Healthy ‘Breakfast Pap’ (also AIP)


The most difficult meal of the day when following the AIP diet is breakfast. Not always one feels like cooked vegetables or meat/fish so early in the morning. Breakfast containing too much fruit (smoothie with fruits mostly) is also not such a brilliant idea: it significantly elevates blood sugar.

~ Paleo & AIP Breakfast Pap ~

What you need

Ingredients: small apple, big carrot, 2 dry figs, hand of coconut chips, 1 teaspoon coconut fat, big pinch of cinnamon; optional: coconut milk with cinnamon as a ‘sauce’

Utensils: a frying pan and a spatula, a grater/rasper and a knife

photo 2


  • Rasp a carrot & peel and slice an apple
  • Melt coconut fat on a pan
  • Place sliced apple in the hot pan and let it soften
  • Add cinnamon to apples and mix well
  • In the end, add rasped carrot to apples and let it ‘warm up’ shortly
  • Move everything on a plate, sprinkle with pieces of dry figs (not too many; lots of sugar!) and coconut chips
  • As you can see I used a little of coconut chips but if it is something that works well for you, you can easily add much more. Bon appetit!


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