Gluten free breakfast in a Dutch hotel

Gluten free breakfast in a Dutch hotel

My strategy for gluten free dining is planning

  • I email the hotel beforehand and ask if they can prepare gluten free breakfast for me.
  • Always taking emergency bread/crackers along (long-expiration date, ready to eat, sealed package) or my own gluten-free muesli/flakes (not for people sensitive to dairy or using Thyrax (the thyroid hormones are not well absorbed in a presence of the dairy protein casein)).

What I eat from the breakfast buffet

  • Boiled eggs
  • Mini-jams from Hero (contain MSG)
  • Mini-butter
  • Mini-pate’s from Unox
  • Babybel cheese from Bell
  • Fresh fruits (not cut)
  • Mini’s from De Ruijter:  jams, honey, peanut butter, dutch ‘appelstroop’, chocolate paste (made of the gluten free ingredients but not tested on contamination; I do not get sick after eating them)
  • Milk and natural yogurts (the latter in the small containers)
  • Cheese (if not contaminated in the kitchen –ask)
  • Cut vegetables and fruits (if not contaminated in the kitchen –ask)
  • Tea / coffee


  • I always try to enter the restaurant just after it is open for breakfast. This way, I eliminate the possible contamination done by other guests of the hotel, who use e.g. the same fork to get cheese, ham and other products.
  • Besides, the service is not yet too busy to prepare my gluten free bread.

– Info about products was obtained by emails with the manufacturers or
– What is good for one person can be not good for someone else. Each person has its unique sensitivity level to the gluten contamination or other food sensitivities. Each body has its unique biochemistry. My story should not be seen as a medical guideline.



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