Easy Gluten & Lactose Free Desserts

Easy Gluten & Lactose Free Desserts


Ideas for easy and healthy gluten & lactose free desserts

  •        Dark chocolate
  •        Nuts (almonds, walnuts, Brazilian nuts; optional: in dark chocolate)
  •        Fruits (melons with optional: sorbet)
  •        Fruit salad
  •        Fruits with a touch of a dark chocolate (chocolate fondue)
  •        Dates with roasted almond pasta (my fav!)
  •        Chia seeds pudding (with almond milk and cacao; optional: honey)
  •        Sorbet from frozen fruits with almond milk
  •        Sorbet from frozen bananas
  •        Smoothie
  •        Bon-bones from frozen roasted almond pasta in dark chocolate (optional & not Paleo: puffed grains)
  •        Apple slices with roasted almonds pasta and honey or chocolate sprinkles
  •        ‘Ice-cream’ from roasted almonds pasta with blended bananas

Not Paleo:

  • Baked rice with apple moose and cinnamon
  • Cookies from cornflakes with dark chocolate


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