Delicious Baked Plantain (Paleo & AIP)

Delicious Baked Plantain (Paleo & AIP)


Very easy and filling snack without allergens and without refined sugar. Snacking is one of my bad habits but I am working on it :D Sometimes it requires to bribe my belly with something truly tasty and guilt free. This plantain baked in coconut oil is such a healthy alternative to the processed food snacks.

Snacking on bacon is not that bad either ;-) Fats are good for thyroid. Tip: Fried bacon cut in small pieces and sprinkled on a salad instead of croutons adds nice flavor to it :)


Things you are going to use to make the plantain snack

Utensils: a frying pan and a spatula

Ingredients: ripe (yellow) plantain,  a table spoon of coconut fat and a half teaspoon of cinnamon

What you need to do
  • Cut plantain in small rings (the riper plantain the sweeter it is)
  • Heat a table spoon of coconut fat (The coconut fat in glass containers has the best quality)
  • Add plantain to the coconut fat and fry on both sides
  • In the end sprinkle generously the cinnamon
  • Served warm is nicest :)

photo 2

As I am typing it, I am thinking how would the plantain taste when prepared on a grill. Never tried but perhaps something to test this summer :D

Enjoy your snacking!

Kati xxx


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