Brussels, BE – Restaurant ‘Italia in tavola’ (Mar’ 2014)

Brussels, BE – Restaurant ‘Italia in tavola’ (Mar’ 2014)

Gluten free lunch or dinner in Brussels?

Restaurant ‘Italia in Tavola‘ !

  • Fair prices
  • Excellent food
  • Diet suitable menu (also lactose free, dairy free, egg free)
  • Wide choice of the gluten free meals
  • Home made pizza’s and pasta’s
  • Freshly prepared meals
  • Amazing taste and great food texture
  • Very friendly staff
  • Restaurant away from the busy city center
  • Greatly reviewed by many
  • To be found on

My apology for not taking any pictures for you. The meals looked lovely, it is just that I was so hungry I did not want to delay my ‘feast’!

PS. The featured image was found in one of the reviews of the restaurant.

* The above review is based on my personal perception. I wrote it out of my free will and have no profit of it. 


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