Bruges, BE – Mar’ 2014

Bruges, BE – Mar’ 2014

Gluten free breakfast at Flanders Hotel

Prior to the arrival, I emailed the hotel and kindly ask if they could prepare a gluten free breakfast for me. Their immediate reply was ‘yes, of course!’

Every morning a special basket with

  • Ciabatta
  • Mini broche
  • Slices of bread
  • Croissant’s
  • Corn flakes

My choices from the hotel’s breakfast buffet

  • Boiled eggs
  • Mini butter from Quality
  • Mini jam’s from D’arbo
  • Mini honey from Meli
  • Mini hazelnut chocolate spread from Nutella
  • Natural yogurts and quark
  • Fresh fruits (not cut)
  • Cut vegetables (if not polluted in the kitchen-ask)
  • Cheese (if not polluted in the kitchen-ask)
  • Tea & coffee

Gluten free shoppings

Just few meters away from the Flanders hotel there is a supermarket ‘Smatch’ (Langestraat 55, Bruges) which offers gluten free products. You can buy snacks, breads, pasta etc. They sell products of Damhert but also local brands like e.g. Poensgen.

Ah! Leonidas has some gluten free chocolates 

One thing that we, people with celiac, miss are the Belgian chocolates from Leonidas. There is, however, a tiny collection of gluten free choices ( After careful examination of my present – Leonidas’ Lollypop Duck, I found out that it is indeed gluten free :) (Thank you Dragica&Henry)

Gluten free restaurants in Bruges

I did not find a restaurant with a gluten free menu in Bruges. All restaurants, however, were very eager to improvise a gluten free meal for me. Simple and safe!

My dinners

  • Steak with fries and green salad – available at almost all restaurants (ask if they use the oil only for fries)
  • Grilled salmon with rice and Greek salad –  restaurant ‘De vier  winden’ (Markt 9, Bruges)


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