‘No’ to contamination

‘No’ to contamination

Reorganizing my kitchen after the diagnosis was not that difficult. I was actually having fun, especially while buying the new gluten-free stock. The first struggles started a couple of days afterwards. I realized what a time-consuming activity it is to keep the kitchen free from the gluten contamination. (My fiance, lovable as he is – 80% of the time eats gluten-free food together with me, but still is not on a strict gluten-free diet nor is our dog). Luckily, keeping the gluten containing crumbles away became easier after a while and changed into a new habit.

How you can avoid gluten contamination at home

  • Prepare clean kitchen’ surface to work on
  • Use clean kitchen accessories (cutting board, plate, spatula, knife, pot, frying pan etc.)
  • Store food well protected – close it in a bag or in a box
  • Keep the gluten containing food away (separate, lowest shelf; closed container/bag)
  • Make sure your ingredients are not contaminated (butter, foods in pots)
  • Clean the dining table and the table mats (the best are from a non-porous material)
  • Do not drink water from someone else’s bottle/cup (nor share yours)
  • Do not use someone else’s fork, spoon nor knife (do not ‘borrow’ yours)
  • Make sure nobody transports its own food above your plate/meal
  • Each dish should have its own spoon, take your food first – or ask your family to use the ‘drop it on a plate’ technique
  • Once your food ‘escaped’ the plate – let it go
  • Wash your hands after feeding the dog (dog’s food contains gluten)
  • Kiss only washed ‘gluten-consuming’ lips of your loved ones  :-)




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