Gluten Free Food at Drugstores ‘DE’ in Germany

Gluten Free Food at Drugstores ‘DE’ in Germany


I was in Rees in Germany the other day and I stepped in to the drugstore DE. To my surprise, I found gluten free food products that I haven’t seen before. Next to a large  stand with Schar products (which are cheaper than in NL) I noticed gluten free food from the organic brand FruSano. There were for instance gluten free ketchup, gummy bears, drops, lactose free chocolates, protein bars, rice in lactose free chocolate, gluten free and fructose free jams. Perhaps nothing unusual but if you are around and use these kind of food products, you might like to enter.


I bought a couple of ciabatta’s. I really like to have them from time to time.

IMG_1018I regret I didn’t buy this ketchup. It was quite expensive and I usually buy Heinz Bio, which is also GF, but who knows perhaps this one is even better.

IMG_1019Some gluten free candies – also low in fructose. Not for me though. I cut off refined sugar from my diet and I feel way better now.

IMG_1021Jams. They looked really nice but ehhh the price! I prefer the jams (also free from refined sugar) from the brand FiordiFrutta (from EkoPlaza).


The prices of the biological products are quite high but so is the quality. Most of the products are lactose free and refined sugar free; some even fructose free. I think they are aimed at a certain group of people with these specific food intolerance’s and allergies.

Next time I see a drugstore abroad I will surely step in to check out the rack with the special food.

Do you have similar experience with the drugstores in other countries? I have been to drugstores Rossmann in Poland and they had a wide assortment of gluten free food too.


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