Gluten Free Bakery ‘Gebaksjuwelier’ in Culemborg (NL)

Gluten Free Bakery ‘Gebaksjuwelier’ in Culemborg (NL)

Finally, I went to Gebaksjuwelier! Twice :-)

Gebaksjuwelier is a gluten free bakery in Culemborg, 30 km below Utrecht or an hour-tje drive from Arnhem. Bakery! Everything is gluten free!

We drove to Culemborg by car. It was easy to find the bakery as we used a navigation. It is located in a quiet area, next to a couple of other shops.


The owner of the bakery is Paula Onink.  Paula is the nicest baker in a Dutch province Gelderland! How cool is that?! (the picture below is ‘borrowed’ from here)


The bakery is a lovely and charming place, designed in a cute inviting style. I took a couple of pictures to give you an impression. I bet, though, that most of you have already been there!



IMG_0736 - Copy

IMG_0737 - Copy


IMG_0739 - Copy

I celebrated my birthday in March and I wanted a gluten free cake. On a short notice Paula agreed to make me a cake (the orders should be placed at least 2 weeks in advance). As we needed a cake without gluten and without dairy, we had two choices for the filling: vanilla or coconut. Besides, if you have wishes with regard to size or a cake decoration, Paula will take them into account. Check out these pretty roses and curly leafs!


The cake was really tasty, with a light filling, moist and not too sweet inside. I ate soo much of it :D

DSC_0462 - Copy

Once in, you can’t leave empty handed. To be honest, I wanted to try EVERYTHING!

We bought all three types of bread that were in stock: white bread, sunflower seeds bread and multi-seeds bread (brown bread). They all were so delicious that I don’t really know which of them I liked most :| Decisions, decisions – I take them all! :D

IMG_0660 - Copy

I can tell you one thing – the best gluten free bread I have ever had.






DSC_0593 - Copy

We went back to the bakery before Easter. We came back home with a bag full of delicious goods.

We tried:

  • Brownies and pecan pie

IMG_0679 - Copy

  • Mini apple pies (gluten&lactose free)

IMG_0680 - Copy

  • Mini Easter fruit cake


DSC_0584 - Copy

  • Baquettes

DSC_0548 - Copy

DSC_0560 - Copy

  • Chilli bread snacks

DSC_0544 - Copy

  • Chocolate (gluten&lactose free) cookies

DSC_0545 - Copy


  • Mini quiche


  • Paasstol

IMG_0769 - Copy

And we got a sample with granola to test :-)

DSC_0533 - Copy

I am very happy I finally went to visit the bakery. Within two weeks I have been there twice and I can’t wait to go again!


This post is not sponsored. I wanted to share with you this awesome place that bakes gluten free goods and that I absolutely loved!

PS. If you know other places that are worth visiting and suitable for a review on this blog, please let me know.


Kati xxx



Schoolhof West 13A
4105 AL Culemborg


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