The Not Appreciative Celiac

The Not Appreciative Celiac


We’ve all heard about the Dutch bloggers’ campaign #Coeliakiemaand at this point. I found it inspiring to watch their enthusiasm and devotion to increase the celiac disease awareness in The Netherlands. Not only during one day (The International Celiac Disease Awareness Day on 16th May) but for the entire month May, they initiate all kinds of events.

It is a pity that some Celiacs have a negative reaction to the #coeliakiemaand. I came across depreciating comments posted on social media. I can’t comprehend why any Celiac would not appreciate that someone else is trying to make their life easier.

Is this grumpy Celiac fully satisfied with the availability of gluten free food outdoors?  Never  been poisoned by gluten contamination in a café or a restaurant? Really believes that the entire Horeca in the country knows exactly how to prepare a safe gluten free meal? Because I can’t understand why in heaven is the not appreciative Celiac against increasing the awareness.

Who likes to research, plan and pack boxes full of food on the way every time leaving home for the entire day? Who doesn’t want to function normally once leaving the safe-zone (home)?

I don’t know anyone who is obsessed with their disease. But I do know people who fight to make our lives easier (yours too) by spreading awareness and educating Horeca.  Sure, the campaign helps others to recognize their symptoms and get diagnosed but it mainly helps us Celiacs to be able to function normally in the society.

All the initiators ask for is safe food. No pity. Just awareness, knowledge & thus hopefully more of safe (street) food for Celiacs.

So why the derisive comments, I wonder..



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