Summer Time and Summer HIT!

Summer Time and Summer HIT!


For the last two weeks, I have been really enjoying summer and I didn’t open my PC more than twice! The posts that were appearing on the blog were automatically scheduled so perhaps you haven’t even noticed that I was gone!

That pause made me realized that my body is screaming for a longer break from the digital world. And luckily, I am able to give it what it needs :-)

My plans for June, July and August are clear. Keep away from the PC, stay outside whenever possible and enjoy every single moment of the summer.

There is a lot of things I still wanted to write before taking a break but it will need to wait until I am back. I will only tell you that my modified Paleo-ish diet already brought some truly amazing results. Results that I believed were never possible.

Wishing you all happy summer and lots of sunshine!

PS. Did you already see that 2015 Glutenfree Summer Hit ? :D

Have lovely summer days you all <3

Kati xxx




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