My Cup is Full

My Cup is Full

What a day!

All plants at home are dying. Too much sun, not enough sun, too much water, not enough water; such a gardener am I.  The dog is also not doing too well, if you ask me. It is lying in front of the ventilator most of the day with short pauses for sun tanning in the garden.

Today, I am working from home. Home-office it is a good thing, no need to wake up at 6 o’clock and run to the station, I ate decent breakfast and nutritious lunch, I could enjoy delicious tea/coffee break. ‘Me like it’ ;-)

If I could only control my brain thunder! 1000 thoughts at the same time; some actually good ones but too many of them at once. I don’t even know anymore what is causing it, Celiac Sprue, Hashimoto’s or it’s just me..

Things I should do

– Finish my manuscript
– Write a letter to the journal
– Review a report of my student
– Finish the all above before 22:00 ;-)

Things I am doing

– Spotting very important articles on internet which I MUST read asap
– Taking pictures of my food e.t.c.
– Vacuum cleaning (my chocolate lady is losing so much fur right now)
– Looking for the best recipe to finally use my new waffle making machine
– Running around with plant-pots; placing some in a shadow and others in a sun
– Doing dishes – seriously how many dishes do two people use ?!
– Laundry – I admire people who have kids; our machine is on almost every day and it is laundry of only the two of us and the dog’s blankets ;-)
– Doing a small investigation on glutenfree on Texel – someone approached me for help on my facebook page and I want to help her
– Sending 100’s of emails
– Thinking, thinking, thinking about

  • The 15 various posts that  I started writing for my blog and I didn’t finish any of them
  • The open (at least 3) word documents with unfinished posts (about baking, glutenfree flours, an optimistic t progress in my healing and endless of recipes)
  • Feeling guilty that I didn’t finish writing any of the above posts yet
  • That I don’t feel like writing any posts these days
  • Not being able to focus on work 100%
  • That something is missing on my blog and I am not quite happy with it yet
  • What to cook for dinner tonight
  • That the garden needs a long day of hard work
  • That our holiday starts next week and before that I want to do so many things!
  • Many more things but: I need to finish this post and go back to my work

So let it be :-)

Have a good day everyone,




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