Healing Takes Time

Healing Takes Time

Once I found a reason of almost all my body complaints, gluten, all I wanted to know was when I will finally feel better. This is also what my boss wanted to know; my family wanted to know that and my friends and colleagues were constantly asking me about.

In the beginning, I felt guilty. Feeling sick all the time felt heavy on my shoulders. I was under the pressure. I needed to do things that I was supposed to do: I needed to do my job, I needed to be a fiancée, I needed to be a responsible adult, I needed to be able to enjoy my life, I needed to be social. But I wasn’t able to do well any of these things. Everything was on hold and I felt more and more depressed.

Eating gluten free was supposed to free me from all the symptoms. Instead, I felt as I had even more complaints. Especially the neurological complaints seemed to strengthen. How frustrating is the foggy mind when you need to stay sharp at work! How terrible it feels not to be able to feel happy while having loving fiancé next to your side!

One thing became clear pretty soon: NOBODY knows how long you will heal, because we all have different damage done to our bodies.

  • Perhaps you were diagnosed just after you were born and the damage didn’t progress much.
  • Perhaps your disease activated when you were a teenager and you were diagnose a couple of years after.
  • Perhaps you were suffering all your life and no doctor ever knew what is wrong with you until you reached 30-40 and every part of your body felt as it was falling apart (btw. this is how I felt)

This is why nobody can tell you how long it will take before you will feel better again. Literature says: a couple of months till 2 years. According to my work supervisor it was supposed to take 2 weeks (this would put absolutely no pressure on you, right?). Some people say they never feel fully fit again. So the best we can do is take a good care of ourselves. We can follow diet clean from gluten and other food ingredients (and pollution/heavy metals/pesticides/antibiotics etc.) that might be acceptable for healthy consumers but not for those who suffer from inflammation in the digestive tract and desperately need to heal. The cleaner your diet is the smaller chances to trigger the inflammation and the bigger chances that you will heal faster.

Am I healed? Not yet. I have been a Celiac for one year and I am not feeling totally good yet. I regained some of my energy, some of my symptoms lessened but there is still a lot to improve. It took me months to feel confident about the diet; to learn how to create tasty and not boring meals. It takes even longer (I am not done with it) to figure out what are the other food products (or additives) that don’t contribute to your well-being. After a little less than one year my energy started increasing. It will probably take a little longer to improve the other body complaints but (as recently posted by Gluten Dude) I know I will get there. And you will get there too.

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