Healing process – Eight months later

Healing process – Eight months later

Switching to a gluten free diet brought a revolution to my kitchen. After some serious research I purchased substitutes of products that usually contain gluten, like flour, breadcrumbs, muesli, bouillon etc. I quickly realized that although my entire kitchen was 100% gluten free (my partner decided to be supportive and stop bringing gluten home), I still suffered from different kinds of symptoms.

The more research I did, the more I understood how bad dairy products can be for people with celiac. Dairy is not good to people who can not produce the enzyme that breaks down lactose (it takes place in cells lining intestines). Besides, due to the dairy protein casein, which similarly to gluten have sticky properties, dairy hinders absorption processes. No wonder, when you need to take medication in the morning, you shouldn’t use milk and other dairy products at breakfast. The casein cover the intestinal walls and unable the drug absorption.

Slowly I had to remove other foods from my diet of which I knew that could provoke unwanted reactions. Because of this, my favorite soy sauce and other food that contains soy are awaiting a new owner. There are many negative facts regarding soy. To me knowing that soy disrupts the endocrine system is enough to remove it from my diet. I am a young woman who hopes to have a family in the near future. If something messes with my hormones, it needs to go.

It meant a big change to eat no gluten, no dairy, no soy. Unfortunately this did not fully help. I admit I regained a small amount of energy but not enough to fully enjoy my life. I still was suffering from multiple symptoms.

I started preparing my meals from raw foods and slowly introduced processed products one by one to find out what exactly was making me sick. It was not easy to deal with such sensitivity. I had to remove smoked foods like chicken breast, beef and fish. I had a very bad reaction to raw meat like filet americain, roast beef, even medium steak and all other processed meat (ham, sausages). Here, I am suspecting the effect of transglutaminase; the enzyme added to almost all processed meat. Apparently, this enzyme is expected to strengthen an immune reaction occurring in a celiac’s gut.

I also experienced some symptoms after eating fermented vegetables like sauerkraut. Some of the gluten free grains weren’t my friend either; I noticed suspicious tummy discomfort after eating certain type of rice. Then I perceived that some food additives like monosodium glutamate (MSG) give me a bad skin rush.

If that would not be enough, the conventionally grown fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumber) were causing a skin rush too! Here, I started panicking. A gluten free diet is expensive and cooking gluten free is time consuming. Taking everything else in consideration means cooking from scratch, buying biological ingredients, and preparing food with ‘healthy’ cooking methods like steaming, baking, and boiling (I even need to avoid frying most of the time).

Reading back what I just wrote sounds extreme even to me. But I tell myself, I was diagnosed with celiac only 8 months ago, I was possibly having inflamed intestines for years now without knowing about it. Due to untreated celiac I probably developed Hashimoto’s, for years I have been working hard leaving limited time for nourishing my body. Now, it is time to take good care of my health. The more attention I pay to my diet and rest, the faster I heal and soon will be able to add more and more food products back to my diet! 

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