Review: ‘Culinary Quandries’ A Gluten Free Dinner Party

Review: ‘Culinary Quandries’ A Gluten Free Dinner Party


‘Culinary Quandries. A gluten free dinner party’ is a lovely cookbook in a form of ebook <‘cook-e-book’>.

A while ago, I kindly received a copy from one of authors, Samantha Stein. I have learned about Samantha and her culinary books simply by googling everything what had to do with gluten free life and coeliac condition just after my diagnosis. This way I came across of her blog ‘The Happy Coeliac’. Samantha Stein has a cheeky (in a positive way) and humorous writing style that makes you follow her stories. I regret only that she doesn’t blog more often.

There is a lot of effort and quality time put into creating and mastering these gluten free recipes. The ‘Culinary Quandries’ is a very nice collection of sophisticated meals for special occasions and not only. I am sure that with these recipes you can turn a romantic date, a surprise birthday dinner or a family/friends gathering into a big success.

My first impression: Great cover photo, I am definitely making that champagne – strawberry cake; what does ‘Quandries’ mean and how do I pronounce it?

My second impression: What a pretty layout and creative recipes!




More about the ebook

  • You will find here examples of prohibited and allowed foods on gluten free diet – especially useful if the gluten free diet concept is new to you
  • Still feeling lost in digital world? Not with the clear instructions on how to use the ebook in the most efficient way
  • The ebook contains 19 sophisticated recipes; each with a short personal story and/or with useful tips
  • The recipes are organized into chapters based on dinner courses including pre-dish, main dish and dessert
  • Each recipe category has its own color. This way, when you open a random recipe you will know to which category it belongs
  • Each recipe contains a list of necessary utensils and ingredients; but also a number of portions, required preparation time and of course the preparation steps
  • You will find icons allowing you to recognize if the recipe is vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, egg free or naturally sweetened – without reading all ingredients
  • The preparation steps are clearly described and each is visualized by a photo or a video
  • Although I haven’t found unknown to me ingredient in the recipes, the list of the most ‘unusual’ ingredients is provided and thoughtfully includes tips on where you could buy them – like supermarkets, Asian shops etc.
  • No special cooking techniques or non-traditional cooking equipment are required
  • I read it on a Kobo and on an iPad but it is definitely better on an iPad!



A minor remark

  • The featured cake recipe calls for ‘gluten free flour’. That could mean almond flour, potato flour, chickpeas flour or any other grain/bean/nut flour and they all have different properties. Additional information would be helpful there.

For who is the book meant

  • Anyone who wants to prepare a delicious dinner party
  • Everyone on gluten free diet
  • Those who want to cook for someone who is on gluten free diet (family, friends, beloved girlfriend/wife/husband/mother/grandmother etc.)
  • Anyone who is curious and wants to check out this ‘cook-e-book’ written by another coeliac or would like to show his/her support

* Keep in mind: it would make an appreciated present! Hmm, am I allowed to be a bit egoistic here and give it as a present to my mum (or other family member) who cooks for me from time to time ? :-)

This ebook can be purchased through Erudition here. You can see a preview here.







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