10 Tips How to Start Elimination Diet Successfully

10 Tips How to Start Elimination Diet Successfully


I feel like I am finally determined enough to change my diet but I worry that I will fall off the horse again. How to start elimination diet and not give up after 2-3 days? The secret is

“make the transition smooth’’

The best way to give up old habits is by making new ones. This is the most successful way to change a lifestyle or a diet.

  1. Introduce new habits slowly and gradually. You could decide to start one new change every week or, even better, when you think you are ready to make the next change.
  1. Plan small change at a time . Making habits is like making a TO DO list. If you plan a big task like ‘renovate a house’ – it will, most likely, not happen any time soon but if you plan painting one room on Monday & exchanging a carpet a week after – your house will be renowated in no time!
  1. Find your motivation. Make sure that you know exactly why you want to change the diet and that you believe in it. Collect knowledge supporting the diet from respected sources. You won’t doubt your decision later.
  1. Go food shopping. Buy food that is allowed on the diet. In the beginning, you might want to make a list of products that support healing.
  1. Think what you want to achieve with the diet and focus on that. Imagine how you would feel if you already achieved your goal and keep that image in your head.
  1. Stay enthusiastic. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same goal helps. It might be a friend, colleague from a gym or a yoga class or an entire group of people from an internet forum. They will motivate and support you.
  1. Keep learning. Learn new recipes and cooking techniques. Get new cookbooks, subscribe to relevant websites, and follow relevant blogs. Collect recipes, ideas, information and new cookware (e.g. steamer, food processor, dehydrator, grill pan).
  1. Cook, cook and cook! One can learn only by doing. The more you cook, the more often you make dishes which you never tried before – the more natural and easy the new way of cooking becomes.
  1. Don’t worry if something went wrong. You took the first step, you tried, be proud of yourself! You used an ingredient which is not allowed on the diet? Don’t worry just yet, just think how you can replace it the next time. But when you start the full time elimination diet – try not to make mistakes anymore.
  2. Start a food diary. Keep a record of what you eat and cook. Store the recipes for later. Make notes if some dish made you feel really good or bad.


Some people with advanced autoimmune diseases are able to heal on a Paleo diet. There is no need for everyone with digestion tract problem to switch to the restricted AIP diet. This is also why I started slowly eliminating foods from my diet but soon I found out, that many foods allowed on Paleo but forbidden on AIP were making my tummy inflamed. Reading the scientific papers explaining how exactly the individual food irritate sensitive and damaged intestines convinced me further that I need the Autoimmune Protocol to heal. If that won’t help, I will consider eliminating FODMAP’s which is a common gut offender as well.

Knowledge is power. I hope you found it interesting :-)

Kasia xxx



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